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Philippi Project

The UbuntuCare initiative is currently being scaled up, but already provides employment for 150 seamstresses. As the demand for reusable fabric masks increases, more employment opportunities will be created across the country.

Some examples of community initiatives include:

growing veg.

Communities growing nutritious and indigenous vegetables to be sold to niche markets and restaurants.


Creation of Community Wellness Villages/Hubs, constructed from containers, with general wellness, gardening, gyms forming part of the hub. These could be run by entrepreneurs from vulnerable communities.

farmers market

Creation of Urban Farmers’ markets in the townships, which are currently fresh food deserts.

healthy cooking

Healthy cooking classes to enable Community Wellness Champions to teach nutritious cooking on a budget.

veg on wheels

Veg on Wheels, fitted bicycles to sell and deliver healthy plant-based foods to deprived areas.

buying market

Provide talented craftspeople within impoverished communities such as, beaders, embroiderers etc., the opportunity to access a buying market.

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